Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Office of the Executive Director

  • Todd A. Lee, Acting Executive Director
  • Fran D. Makle, Deputy Executive Director
  • W. David Watts, Associate Executive Director
  • Nkosi C. Bradley, Director of Government Affairs
  • Yolanda McCutchen, Public Relations Manager
  • Karen Harris, Executive Assistant

Office of Administration

  • Fran D. Makle, Deputy Executive Director
  • Heather A. Hart, PHR, Human Resources Officer
  • Jacqueline Reid, Procurement Officer
  • Thurston Ramey, Business Process Manager 
  • Marcus Thompson, Facilities Manager
  • Connell Young, Receptionist

Office of the General Counsel

  • Maria K. Day-Marshall, General Counsel
  • Michael Winter, Deputy General Counsel
  • Tracy G. Parker, Associate General Counsel
  • Daniel Nunez, Associate General Counsel
  • Lillian Johnson, Records Administrator

Public Finance

  • Anthony L. Waddell, Director
  • Vacant, Senior Development Officer
  • Martin Lucero, Development Officer
  • Carolyn Fischer, Development Officer
  • Birol Yilmaz, Construction Engineer/Monitor
  • Sue Ghazi, Construction Engineer/Monitor
  • Bobvala Tengen, Development Analyst
  • Vacant, Administrative Assistant

Office of the Chief Financial Officer

  • Vacant, Chief Financial Officer
  • Tatsiana Kurlovich, CPA, Controller
  • Yong Ki Kim, Accounting Manager
  • Vacant, Financial Analyst Manager
  • Seyoum Gizaw, CPA, Project Budget Analyst
  • Gloria San-Gil, AP and Payroll Accountant
  • Abiy Tamrat, General Ledger Accountant
  • Brooks Harrison, Project Ledger Accountant
  • Valencia Anderson, Accounting Clerk

Single Family Programs

  • Lisa G. Hensley, Director
  • Bill Milko, Deputy Director
  • Deborah Jones, Single Family Program Manager
  • Chanita Haughton, Loan Processor
  • Sherray Gibson, Administrative Assistant

Compliance and Asset Management

  • Risha K. Williams, Director
  • Jeree K. Turlington, Asset Manager
  • Jelani Whitt, Asset Manager
  • Jackie Langeluttig, Loan Servicer
  • Vacant, Financial Analyst
  • Fredericka Earle, Compliance Coordinator