Question and Answers

Question and Answers

QUESTION AND ANSWERS REGARDING REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (“RFP”) Event Planning Services for Housing and Community Development Conference

The District of Columbia Housing Finance Agency (the “Agency” or “DCHFA”) request proposals for the procurement of Event Planning Services to research and execute a Housing and Community Development Conference. The information and instructions set forth below are designed to solicit responses that will demonstrate your company’s capability to satisfy the Agency’s requirements. Each company is requested to submit its most competitive offer.

The deadline for submission of proposals is Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 4:00 pm ET. Proposals must be received at 815 Florida Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20001 on or before the deadline.

All questions regarding the RFP should be sent by e-mail to Updates and answers to all questions are considered official guidance and will be posted on DCHFA’s website.

All proposal packages should be clearly marked “Event Planning Services for Housing and Community Development Conference” so that it can be segregated from other mail.

The telephone number for the Agency is (202) 777-1600.


  1. How many attendees is HFA looking to host?
  2. Will this conference be free?
    The registration rate has not been determined.
  3. Will this be an annual event?
    This event is the first of what is intended to be an annual forum.
  4. Are you in need of sponsorship?
    The need for sponsorship is being evaluated and has not yet been determined.
  5. Is there a presenting title sponsor?
    The need for a presenting title sponsor is being evaluated and has not yet been determined.
  6. Outside of the services offered on your website what is HFA seeking to achieve through this event?
    DCHFA is seeking to further its reputation as an agency that seeks innovative solutions to the issues of developing affordable housing by annually convening thought-leaders in real estate development.
  7. Is there a budget cap to consider?
    The budget for the conference is $30,000 including event planning services and all other needs.
  8. Has HFA identified a venue or will the company selected be tasked with that assignment?
    HFA has tentatively identified a venue; however the selected company should be prepared to research and identify a venue for the event if needed.
  9. Will HFA need guidance in developing key programming and conference seminars?
    HFA has a tentative programming and seminar schedule. The company selected should be prepared to provide input regarding the programming/seminar schedule as needed. The company selected should be prepared to assist HFA staff with the execution of the programming/seminar schedule.
  10. Will conference presenters, agency staff, and/or conference attendees be provided with catered meals?
    At this time HFA plans to provide breakfast for the attendees.
  11. Is this a one day conference or will this take place over several days?
    The current plan is for a half-day conference.
  12. Does HFA have a target month in which this conference will take place?
    The target time frame is for the conference to take place fall 2017 in September or October.
  13. Does your business have to be based in D.C.?  It is not required that a company is located in the District of Columbia to submit a proposal and/or be selected.  However, preference is given to D.C. based companies.