Do I Qualify?

To qualify for DCHFA’s programs, there are certain requirements that must be met. Below is an overview of those requirements for each program:

DC Open Doors

In order to qualify for DC Open Doors, you must meet the minimum requirements below:

Borrower Qualifications

  • Borrower does not need to be a first-time homebuyer (cannot own any other property at time of settlement)
  • Borrower income may not exceed $151,200 (not based upon household income)
  • Minimum Credit Score of 640

Property Qualifications

  • Single Family Detached, Attached (town house/row house), Condominium and 2-4 Unit
  • Coops not allowed
dc open doors

Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC)

In order to qualify for the MCC, you must meet the minimum requirements below:

Borrower Qualifications

  • Borrower must be a first-time homebuyer
    • May not have had an ownership interest in a primary residence during the past 3 years
      • Exception for residences purchased in Targeted Area or Veteran’s utilizing a one-time exception
  • Income limits and maximum sales price varies based upon household size and location of property
  • Must include household income in maximum income limits (see additional resources for more information)

Additional Resources

Property Qualifications

  • Single Family residences only to include detached homes, townhomes and condominiums (no 2-4 units or coops – see additional resources for more information)
  • Located within the District of Columbia

Home Purchase Assistance Program (HPAP)

In order to qualify for HPAP, you must meet the requirements below:

  • Applicant(s) must be a first-time homebuyer (may not have had an ownership interest in a primary residence within the three years prior to application).
  • Household income must be within the very low-to-moderate income level, based on DHCD’s standards.
  • The home being purchased must be for the borrower’s primary residence and must be located within the District of Columbia.
  • Possess a good credit rating.


There are two parts of the HomeSaver Program – the Mortgage Assistance Program and the Restore Assistance Program. To learn more about the eligibility requirements of either, please visit the HomeSaver Page.



Qualified homeowners are persons who are at risk of foreclosure, meaning:

  • The reverse mortgage lender has issued a legal notice that the homeowner is in default due to failure to pay property taxes or insurance premiums
  • The homeowners and reverse mortgage lenders entered an agreement to pay past due balances, but the homeowner has demonstrated difficulty in doing so

Borrower Qualifications:

  • Must be a District resident/homeowner
  • Residence must be secured by a Reverse Mortgage in borrower’s name
  • Subject property must be primary residence located in the District
  • Have an annual income to not exceed $77,540 (subject to change)
  • Be “at risk” of foreclosure due to unpaid property taxes/homeowner’s insurance
  • Must demonstrate ability to sustain future tax and insurance payments, as required



  • Must be a first time homebuyer, having had no ownership interest in a primary residence during the most recent three year period and no ownership interest in any property of any type at the time of settlement.
  • At least one borrower must be a current full-time District Government employee, including employees of District Government-based Instrumentalities, Independent Agencies, District of Columbia Public Charter Schools, and Organizations, provided the applicant/borrower’s employer falls under the oversight of the Council of the District of Columbia.  (added hyperlink of the agency list

Program Requirements:

  • Maximum household income may not exceed 120 percent Area Median Income (AMI) as published by DCHFA
  • Loan amount may not exceed $484,350
  • Sales price may not exceed $525,000
  • Borrower must have a minimum credit score of 640
  • Borrower may not have a Debt to Income ratio that exceeds 50 percent
  • At least one borrower must take a Homebuyer Education Class

Find a Lender

If you want to begin the process of buying a home, you will need to work with a Lender. DCHFA has a list of approved lenders that can guide you through one of the various homebuying programs we offer. Click below to see the list of participating lenders.

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