Property Managers


Certain forms must be submitted for project reporting, performance assessment, and McKinney Act Loan Compliance.

Below is a list of all our forms relevant to property managers.

Annual Statement from Borrower to Issuer

Requirement: Project Reporting & Monitoring

Once a year before January 30th, property managers are required to submit an annual borrower statement. This requirement applies to all DCHFA financed Multi-family Projects.

Download “Annual Statement from Borrower to Issuer”

Budget & Income Spreadsheet

Requirement: Budget Submission

Once a year on November 1st, property managers are required to submit an annual budget for the upcoming year. This requirement applies to all DCHFA financed Multi-family Projects.

Download “Budget & Income Spreadsheet”

Budget Format (SAMPLE)

Requirement: None

This is a non-editable example to illustrate how the annual proposed budget should be formatted for submission.

The editable excel file can be found under”Budget & Income Spreadsheet”.

Download “Budget Format (Sample)”

Reserve Certification

Requirement: Request for Reimbursement

The Replacement Reserve Certification states and verifies the integrity of the refund request. This is 1 of the 4 required documents need when submitting a Request for Reimbursement.

Download “Reserve for Certification”

Cover Letter

Requirement: Request for Reimbursement

The Cover Letter for Reimbursement Requests is a brief introductory document containing the refund amount being requested, list of attached documents, and the borrower’s contact information.

Download “Cover Letter”

HUD Chart of Accounts

Requirement: Budget Submission

The HUD Chart of Accounts contains filing codes that must be used in the budget and income spreadsheet.

This document is also known as Chapter 4 of the HUD Handbook 4370.2 Rev-1, Financial Operations and Account Procedures for Insured Projects.

Download “HUD Chart of Accounts”

Itemization Spreadsheet

Requirement: Request for Reimbursement

The Itemized Spreadsheet is a complete breakdown of the total refund amount being requested. The excel spreadsheet provides a list of each work order’s associated cost.

Download “Itemization Spreadsheet”

Management Agent Questionnaire

Requirement: Change Management Company Request

The Management Agent Questionnaire is for the proposed Management Agent that a property manager states he is switching to in his request.

Download “Management Agent Questionnaire”

Management Operations Summary (MOS)

Requirement: Project Reporting & Monitoring

The Management Operations Summary is one of the several documents due to DCHFA on a quarterly basis. It provides a general overview of important information regarding the property and tenants.

Download “Management Operations Summary (MOS)”

DC Property Manager's License

Requirement: Change Management Company Request

The DC Property Manager’s License is for proposed Management Agents. It provides a step by step guide for applying for licenses.

Download “DC Property Manager’s License”

HUD Form 2530

Requirement: Change Management Company Request

HUD Form 9832

Requirement: Change Management Company Request

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